Why is SMT so important ?

Surface mount technology enables electronics manufacturers to reduce circuit board size, improve reliability and increase throughput. The ever increasing number of products utilising surface mount components is evidence of the world-wide trend towards surface mount. To realise the benefits of surface mount, companies need to learn new techniques in both design and assembly.

Why Should I Attend ?

In this course, participants will learn in depth all processes associated with printed circuit board design, manufacture and assembly using surface mount devices.

This Three Day Course Will Cover :

Who Should Attend ?

Course Designer and Presenter

Vianney Shiel has extensive knowledge of printed circuit technology and CAD/CAM. His expertise is in design and production engineering. Professional experience has been gained through a combination of consultancy work to large electronics companies, research and being the founding director of a small design and manufacturing company. Vianney has visited 30 of the worlds largest electronics manufacturing sites to inspect their latest SMT design and manufacturing practices and has been a co-chairman and presenter at the Surface Mount International Conference in San Jose, USA on a number of occasions. Vianney has lectured at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology for 20 years and was the Principal Lecturer in Manufacturing Technology at the Australian Electronics Development Centre for nine years.

More Detail

The smorgasbord of components and processes available to design and manufacturing engineers increases day by day. Are you able to select the right combinations for your product to meet exceed your customers' expectations and at a price that they are willing to pay?

Who Should Attend the 4th day of MDSMT?

Are There Any Prerequisites for Attending the Optional 4th day of MDSMT?

To attend the optional 4th day of MDSMT, it is preferable that you have attended the 3 day MDSMT course. A proportion of the material covered in the optional 4th day of MDSMT was covered in the "State of the Art - The Latest in Components, Processes and PCB's".

Why You Should Attend the Workshop?