Consultant Electronics Engineers

A long, long time ago or so it seems, Airtronic Circuits was started as a part-time business by Rod Mann and Vianney Shiel, assisted occasionally, at that stage, by Rod's girlfriend Glenda Kennedy. The business name was registered on the 9th day of April, 1970. It started making bare printed circuit boards. In those days most boards were phenolic and it was difficult to get high quality fibreglass boards. So Airtronic Circuits specialised in making high quality printed circuit boards with hard gold plated edge connectors and soft (or flash) gold plating over the remainder of the board. The business started in a small room off the garage at Rod's parents home at 28 The Eyrie, Eaglemont in Victoria. The name came from the method that was used to etch the printed circuit boards - bubbling air through a ferric chloride solution. Vianney was also involved in PCB design, using tapes and doughnuts on mylar, from his Electronic Engineering course at RMIT followed by his permanent job at Consolidated Electronics as an assistant Design Engineer. So, Airtronic Circuits also started to do some PCB designs.

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